Sunday, April 24, 2011

April's Tattered Clothes

I can no longer wait idly for spring to arrive.

1. The Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten - the best moment in this song is the :04 mark, when you realize it is not actually this song. 

2. The Spires - TAM - a simple idea, perfectly executed. I have yet to delve into the back catalog but am excited to do so.

3. Motel Beds - Obey Your Lunch - from one of the best albums of the spring; I absolutely love the drums on this track. Check the whole thing out. 

4. Yuck - The Wall - I am still not completely sold on the album, but this song pushes all the right nostalgia buttons, and puts me square back in 1996-1997. Pretty sure these guys were about 5 years old back then.

5. Mars Classroom - Man!Wine!Power! - of the 3 releases from Robert Pollard already this year, Mars Classroom is my favorite. I love/hate the rhythm guitar tone on this song; it's so unlike anything else he's done in the past 5 years. 

6. Tim Cohen - I Am Never Going To Die - from the lead singer of Fresh and Onlys; I hope this album doesn't get overlooked. I actually bought it twice on Amazon (honest mistake), so if anyone wants a free digital copy (without taxing your conscience), let me know - it's already been paid for.

7. BOAT - Forever In Armitron - just a good guitar rock song from a good guitar rock band. 

8. Surf City - Headin' Inside - these guys are from New Zealand and have a new album out that I still need to listen to. This song's from an older release and is really good, obviously.

9. Woods - Pushing Onlys - my song of the spring. Sure, it sounds pretty similar to To Clean, but that was also a great song.

The mix is published here and is available for download here. If you don't already have the 8tracks app for the iPhone, you should go get that now. It's great. 

What have you been listening to this spring?